Since Miku was homeschooled she didn’t know many boys growing up and used to wonder why she couldn’t just marry Mikuo seeing as she looked up to him so much and she didn’t ever want her brother to leave her.


☠: Drinking Headcanon

Miku is sometimes a giggly for a lack of a better word drunk and sometimes a sad drunk. 

Also if she is near her boyfriend or someone she loves, she’s really clingy and protective. 

☯: Pet Peeve Headcanon

Her pet peeve is when people throw around the term “I love you” without a care. It actually really irritates her.

♒: Phobia Headcanon

She has trypanophobia. (The fear of medical injections through needles.)




Miku takes relationships seriously. If she says tells the other that she loves them it’s not one of those I love you’s that teenagers say no matter who they are in a relationship but a genuine I love you. If she says that to her boyfriend then she truly is in love.


If you tease Miku, she’ll start to tease you right back.


Miku doesn’t tell people often about how lonely she gets. When people ask her if she’s okay, she’ll plaster on a smile and reply with a cheerfully “I’m fine!”


Due to bottling up her emotions, when she cries not only is she crying over the issue at the time but most likely over things that had happened in the past as well.


Miku is prone to feeling lonely thus why she tries to be with people as much as she can. Even then she still has times when she feels so alone that she has to carry on conversations for hours on end to keep her mind off of things.

AU Headcanons


**These are headcanons for AUs where Miku is in college.**

-Miku doesn’t perform as much as she used to. While still performing big concerts here and there, she tends at little coffee shops or restaurants as it goes well with her college schedule.

-As she grew older, Miku got into photography and now likes taking pictures.

-She is going to college for a music theory and theatre degree.  


Miku can be very snarky if angered or heartbroken. If it’s due to heartbreak she usually regrets saying what she did.


Miku has an irrational fear of needles. Ever since she had a few laryngeal electromyographys to diagnose her vocal cord paresis, she has been scared of needles.

This also ties into her not liking anyone touching her neck. Not only is she just one of those people who dislike being touched on the neck, the fact that needles were inserted through her neck for the laryngeal electromyographys made her dislike it.